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Conversion of C15 Star to C15 Trials

1) Can the conversion be carried out?

There is no reason why you can not convert a C15 Star into a C15T. Some of the work will be a case of getting bits and changing them, others like the electricís may prove a little more difficult, but not impossible.

2) What are the major differences between the c15 & c15T?

The list below covers the main differences.

  • Camshaft on C15T is Part No. 40-477
  • Cam followers are the same
  • Frame, does not have mountings for rear foot rests, the rear sub-frame was welded from 1966, some were modified to lower the sub-frame mounting and hence the seat height. You can see this on the Faber frames. But there are many special frames around.
  • Steering head geometry is modified to give a more responsive action.
  • Swinging Arm is longer to give a longer wheelbase and accommodate the larger tyre
  • Stronger stanchions of bigger diameter and narrower yokes
  • No centre stand required
  • Hubs are different sizes. The front has a smaller brake drum and the rear hub has a removable sprocket.
  • Wheels & Tyres, the rims are different and consequently the tyres. Specifications
  • Tank, is smaller.
  • Gearbox ratios are close, and it just requires changing the relevant gears. 
  • Seat, single.
  • Foot rests, hinged metal pegs can be fitted. They are fitted to lugs almost level with the rear seat tube.
  • Electricís used Energy transfer. This requires a different alternator, but you could get away with a 12V conversion and a power-box. 
  • Big-end on 64 onwards was roller bearing as standard, so you should be OK.
  • Compression ratios Standard 7.25:1, Competition 8.75:1
  • Dual rate valve springs fitted for competition & SS80
  • SS80 had a bigger inlet valve and 1 1/8" bore carb. I can not see that this was standard on the comp models, but may be an upgrade path.
  • High level exhaust pipe.
  • Mudguards - chromed.
  • New or No headlamp.
  • Rubber gaiters on the front forks.
  • Handlebars, brake levers.


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